About Edgy Beautiful

Welcome to our about page! Edgy Beautiful is not a company or an organization but an idea and a theme. The people behind this blog are a group of dentists and orthodontists that are passionate about creating beautiful smiles. This blog will consist of information, tips, and concepts that all relate to teeth, dental and orthodontic work.

Sounds boring huh? Well it’s really not. Edgy Beautiful can help anyone and everyone maintain a beautiful and gorgeous smile. A smile is often the first thing a person sees when they initially look at one another.

We will not only be providing free valuable information but we will also be answering any questions you have in regards to teeth, smiles. Having a stunning and stand-out smile can truly change someone’s life. Don’t overlook the value of this blog. We are confident it will make a difference in your smile and in your day to day life!

December 17, 2015