How To Afford Braces

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How to pay for braces is one of the most common questions we get from parents and people of all ages. This is most definitely an understandable concern. Damon Orthodontics our leading orthodontic practice strives (along with many others in the edgy beautiful community) to work with you and your budget so that you can afford orthodontic treatment. We are aware that many families do not have dental insurance that will take care of the accompanying costs. Even those who have dental insurance often find it only covers a certain portion of their child’s orthodontic treatment. However, having braces can truly change someone’s life since a person’s smile is typically the first thing another human being notices. If an orthodontist recommends that your child needs braces, you should do everything in your power to provide your child with treatment.

Receiving braces is more than just a matter of aesthetics. If your child has teeth that are misaligned or crowded, then it is likely they will experience issues such as breathing, speech problems and being able to clean them properly. Orthodontic procedures like most other medical procedures may cost several thousand dollars. If your child needs braces then it can cost you anywhere from $5,000-10,000. The good news is we are more affordable than most orthodontic practices and we have provided payment options for those who do not have the funds readily available to pay for treatment.

Here are a few payment options to consider:

Flex Spending Accounts. Many people are able to afford braces and other orthodontic treatment through the help of a Flex Spending Account (FSA). These accounts are set up through your place of employment and allow you to take pre-taxed dollars to set aside and use for your families’ medical expenses. If you have an employer and you do not know if you have one of these FSA accounts, it would be a good idea to look into the matter and get one started right away for future purposes.

Payment Plans. With great orthodontists, you have the option to pay for treatment on a monthly basis. This plan is generally offered free of interest by most practices. It is flexible and works with you to ensure that you have a comfortable payment amount every month.

Financing Third party financing for orthodontic treatment is also often an option. Receiving a loan from family or friends or a personal loan obtained through a bank or other financial institution is not always a bad idea. You may be able to qualify for low interest loans that allow you to provide your child with a beautiful and healthy smile without being financially crunched.

Paying for your child’s orthodontic treatment may be a stressful thing to think about, but you shouldn’t let it discourage you. Payment options exist to help you help your child. Your child will thank you in the future for allowing them to have orthodontic treatment. Not only will they have life changing smiles, but they will also have great oral health. Braces may not seem life changing when you are not needing them any longer, but we can assure you that for those who need them, it is unbelievably satisfying when treatment is finished. There is nothing like looking in the mirror at a new smile and knowing that you have the rest of your life to enjoy the benefits of it.

When choosing an orthodontist to work with, opt for one that has plenty of experience, has worked with children and is kind and caring. Depending on the treatment needed, your child may see an orthodontist on a regular basis for several years.

Note* These payment details apply to our orthodontists. For questions on what orthodontists in the edgy beautiful community are in your city please email us!

January 2, 2016

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Think Your Child Needs Braces? What To Look For…

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Many people think they can look at their child and be able to tell whether or not they have an issue with their bite or teeth. Sometimes this is the case but more often than not there is a lot that cannot be seen, especially to the untrained eye. It is these concepts and problems that make it important for a child to see an orthodontist for an evaluation.

The following information was brought to you by one of our very own doctors who runs a successful practice. View him here Here are some of the things to look for that often suggest your child will need orthodontic treatment:

  • Difficulty with breathing or chewing
  • Losing baby teeth too early or late
  • Severe crowding
  • Improper jaw alignment
  • Cross bites Tongue thrusting
  • Thumb sucking

As you can see there are a lot of variables and a lot that can go wrong with a person’s bite and smile even at an early age. The best way to provide your child and even yourself with a great smile is to opt for a free exam with us. Even though children generally don’t need orthodontic treatment until they are 9-11, catching problems early can give you a peace of mind. It is also important to catch problems early so that your child has the highest chance to achieve a successful and beautiful smile.

According to a west end dentist in Vancouver Taking your child to see an orthodontist by the age of 7 gives you the best head start on addressing and identifying any issues and problems they may have with their bite and smile. If you haven’t taken your child in for an exam yet and they are passed the age of 7 do not worry. Damon Orthodontics can create life-changing smiles for all ages and all people. These are simply industry wide recommendations.

December 30, 2015

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